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Eminent Domain Lawyers Defending Landowners’ Rights Nationwide

The number of lawyers who have gained expertise in the areas of eminent domain (also called “condemnation” or “expropriation”), inverse condemnation, regulatory takings and property rights litigation is limited when compared to other areas of law. Locating an experienced and skilled eminent domain attorney who consistently represents owners can be difficult.

What Makes the Lawyers Affiliated with OCA Different, And Why That’s Important

Experience And Ability

From start to finish, Owners’ Counsel attorneys are experienced with all aspects of the condemnation process: from pre-condemnation planning to trial practice and appeal, just compensation and relocation. Whether the condemnation is initiated by a state or local government, the Federal government or another agency, we have the expertise and resources necessary to defend your property ownership. OCA lawyers have been carefully selected for membership based on their abilities, experience and dedication to representing private property owners, large and small, in eminent domain, inverse condemnation and property rights proceedings.

To successfully defend your property rights in eminent domain and inverse condemnation matters, often the skills of an expert team will be required. OCA attorneys work with leading experts in the fields of real estate appraisal, fixture and equipment appraisal, business valuation, land planning, civil engineering, environmental remediation and wetlands mitigation as well as other experts qualified to support your case.

Proven Results

OCA attorneys have dedicated their careers to the practice of eminent domain and property rights law. OCA attorney focus on representing landowners and on defending private property rights. They have chosen to stand up to the government or other condemning authorities. Their experience and skills can help you achieve a successful result to your case.

Many OCA attorneys hold the record for securing the largest jury verdict in an eminent domain trial in their state court system. Many can also point to multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements obtained on behalf of their landowner clients. OCA lawyers have successful track records representing private owners in condemnation and property rights proceedings. Their results highlight their skills and abilities.

Passionate About Property Rights

Owners’ Counsel attorneys focus on the representation of private property owners and on the defense of private property rights. Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up against the government and other condemning agencies and to fight for your property rights. OCA lawyers are passionate about private property ownership and represent landowners with zealous vigor

Whatever your needs or your property ownership, we welcome the opportunity to be of service and encourage you to contact one of our experienced eminent domain lawyers to arrange a free initial consultation, to discuss your property rights concerns or answer your questions concerning the condemnation process.