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Membership and Benefits

Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) is a broad network of dedicated and skilled lawyers working around the clock for landowners across the nation in all manner of takings cases. As members of OCA, our lawyers have access to the collective legal minds, experiences and know how of every other OCA lawyer. As a result, when you retain an OCA lawyer, not only are you getting a leader in the field of eminent domain and takings law, but someone who has the support and resources that only OCA membership can provide.

OCA attorneys have been carefully selected for membership based upon their ability, experience, results and dedication to representing private property owners in eminent domain, inverse condemnation and property rights matters. Membership in OCA is extended on an invitation-only basis and is restricted to one member-attorney per state across the country.

To be invited, prospective members must maintain an active eminent domain and property rights practice focused upon the representation of private owners. Candidates for membership should demonstrate outstanding professional achievement, a successful track record defending private property owners and a devotion to the advancement and protection of private property rights.

OCA lawyers have been involved in important property rights cases in nearly every state and every jurisdiction nationwide, including state appellate and supreme courts, federal courts of appeals, the U. S. Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, OCA has participated as amicus curiae in some of the most significant takings and property rights cases that have been considered by the United States Supreme Court in recent years.

The Benefits of OCA Membership

The value and benefits of being a member of Owners’ Counsel of America are significant and substantial.

The opportunity to be part of a business association over two decades old uniquely focused on protecting private property and the legal rights of private citizens in eminent domain, inverse, and regulatory taking cases in state and federal courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court;

The prestige and honor of being selected as the only OCA member in your state, a designation which signifies the depth of your professional experience, specialized knowledge and legal skills in the area of takings law and practice;

Access to a national network of leading eminent domain and takings lawyers in solving complex substantive and practical legal issues, finding supporting case law or other legal precedent, and developing legal strategies tailored to the unique facts of your case;

Regularly scheduled in house Webinars on the cutting edge legal and practice topics of day, where you can hear and see the presenters without ever having to leave your office; and

OCA’s Newsletter which features the professional background and legal practice of an OCA member each month and also showcases topical subjects and developing trends in the area of eminent domain and takings law.

Additionally, each year many OCA members attend the ALI-CLE national Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation Conference, one of the longest ongoing property rights conferences in the country. Following this conference, OCA holds its Annual Meeting and Dinner Reception, where members engage in the ongoing work of the organization as well as fellowship and social interaction. At the Dinner Reception, OCA’s highest honor, the Crystal Eagle Award, is presented to a person who has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of private property rights.

Thanks to OCA’s Affiliate program, junior lawyers who work with OCA Primary members on eminent domain and taking cases can share in OCA’s many membership benefits, receive invaluable training and mentorship by OCA lawyers, and contribute themselves to the strength and vitality of the organization.

Emeritus Membership

Even after our members retire or transition to a less active practice, they can continue to be involved in OCA and OCA activities. OCA is made stronger by the dedication and continuing contributions of our Emeritus members, many of whom were founding members of the organization. We give thanks to Toby Prince Brigham, Robert Denlow, Dennis Dunphy, Jill Gelineau, John Hamilton, Warren Herlong, Mark Meierhenry, James Thompson, Joseph Waldo, and Joe Willis, and other Emeritus members who remain connected to OCA.

How Can I Become a Member of OCA?

Eminent domain attorneys interested in OCA membership can contact the Executive Director of OCA by email info@ownerscounsel.com or telephone (877) 367-6963 for more information on our membership criteria and the invitation process. Currently we have openings in certain states.

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