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Amici Brief Asks Supreme Court to Confirm that Property Rights Are Fundamental Rights Deserving Constitutional Protection

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in News & Events

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Legal Center, Cato Institute, Rutherford Institute and Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) have joined together in filing an amici brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to grant review of the Eleventh Circuit’s decision in Kentner v. City of Sanibel, No.13-13893 (May 8, 2014) (Supreme Court Docket No. 14-404).

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Church Fights Back Against City’s Eminent Domain Suit

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 in News & Events

For nearly a year, the City of Orlando has attempted to negotiate a voluntary acquisition of property owned by a small community church in downtown Orlando, Faith Deliverance Temple. The City of Orlando wants to build a multi-million dollar sports and entertainment arena on the very spot this church stands, only a stone’s throw from the Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic, and a mile from the Citrus Bowl.

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Florida Owners’ Counsel representative, Andrew Brigham, to Participate in the 10th Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference

Posted on Oct 1, 2013 in News & Events

Jacksonville-based eminent domain and property rights attorney, Andrew Prince Brigham, has been invited to speak at the 10th Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, October 17-18, 2013. Mr. Brigham, principal attorney at Brigham Property Rights Law Firm, PLLC and the Florida member of Owners’ Counsel of America, will take part in a roundtable discussion regarding the extent to which government should restrain from interfering with private property rights.

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Saint Augustine Property Owners Prevail in Bert J. Harris Appeal with Nation’s Oldest City

Posted on Mar 22, 2013 in News & Events

The Owners’ Counsel of America applauds a recent appellate victory for Florida property owners and congratulates its Florida Member, Andrew Brigham, and his clients.

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OCA Amicus Brief: Property Rights Are Civil Rights Deserving the Highest Constitutional Protections

Posted on Nov 29, 2012 in News & Events

The Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the landowner in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District, No. 11-1447 (cert. granted October 5, 2012) urging the United States Supreme Court to reverse a Florida Supreme Court decision which found that the local government agency need not comply with two landmark U.S. Supreme Court property rights decisions when demanding money or other “exactions” in return for granting property owners permission to develop their land.

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Owners’ Counsel Honors Florida Eminent Domain Attorney Toby Brigham

Posted on Feb 23, 2012 in News & Events

The Owners’ Counsel of America recently honored one of the country’s top condemnation and property rights attorneys, Toby Prince Brigham, Esq., for his devotion to the constitutional right of private property ownership. For more than 50 years, Toby Brigham, has represented property owners in Florida and across the United States in eminent domain, inverse condemnation, regulatory taking challenges, condemnation blight, and related real estate, land use and business damage litigation at both the trial and appellate level.

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Supreme Court Rules “No Taking” in Florida’s Stop the Beach Renourisment Case

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 in News & Events

There has been much chatter and discussion regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Opinion issued June 17, 2010 in Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Dep’t of Environmental Protection, No. 08-1151. (See list of links below for much of this chatter.) As many have said, the opinion is “fragmented” with various groupings of Justices agreeing on different parts of the decision, nonetheless all 8 Justices agreed that there was no taking. (Justice Stevens recused himself, presumably he owns oceanfront (now “ocean view”) property in Florida.)

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Homeowners stand ground against eminent domain

Posted on May 6, 2010 in News & Events

Property is more than a piece of land for those who have worked their entire lives to make a comfortable home. What happens when the government says they need it?

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Final chapter of an eminent domain battle: Jaxport v. Keystone

Posted on Mar 2, 2010 in News & Events

With a bit of irony, the sale of 38 acres of Jacksonville Port Authority (“Jaxport”) waterfront property to Keystone Coal Company and related entities (“Keystone”) closed on March 1, 2010 closing the final chapter of an eminent domain battle that began in 2005. Keystone purchased Jaxport’s property adjacent to Keystone’s 70 acre parcel for $13,204,844.00 under a global settlement agreement. Keystone’s 70 acres was the subject of Jaxport’s attempted seizure by a “slow-take” eminent domain action filed in 2005. (See our previous post here.)

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Transcript of SCOTUS oral argument available online

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 in News & Events

The Supreme Court has released the unofficial transcript for today’s argument in Stop the Beach Renourishment, Inc. v. Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection. A pdf of the transcript is available here. More to follow once we have had time to read it.

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