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Owners’ Counsel of America is a broad network of dedicated lawyers working around the clock for landowners across the nation in all manner of takings cases. OCA was specifically founded to level the playing field in situations where private landowners find themselves pitted against powerful governmental entities with eminent domain powers and unlimited resources to get what they want—your property. OCA believes that the the right to own property is constitutionally guaranteed and fundamental to American society.

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Eminent Domain

OCA and OCA lawyers are a resource to landowners facing all manner of eminent domain takings. Eminent domain (also referred to as condemnation) is the power that rests with governmental bodies to take private property without the owner’s consent. Traditionally, eminent domain has been used to take property for public infrastructure projects (such as roads, highways, bridges and public utilities) or for public structures and buildings (such as schools, court houses, municipal buildings and airports). However, in recent times, the power of eminent domain is also used in more controversial ways. For instance, to construct private redevelopment projects, urban renewal projects, and even private pipelines. In whatever way the power of eminent domain is exercised, OCA and OCA lawyers are prepared to help and assist you in protecting your property rights and defending against an unauthorized taking.

Inverse Condemnation

Inverse Condemnation

OCA and OCA lawyers are a resource to landowners involved in inverse condemnation takings. While most government takings occur through an intentional exercise of the eminent domain power, that is not the only way the government can exercise control and authority over private property. In instances where the government takes possession of or encroaches on your property or property rights without your permission, and without filing an eminent domain action to do so, you may have an inverse condemnation claim to protect your constitutional rights.

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Regulatory Taking

OCA and OCA lawyers are a resource to landowners involved in regulatory taking situations. In cases where a government regulation impairs the value or usefulness of your property resulting in a taking, you may have a claim for a unlawful regulatory taking. Regulatory takings can occur when the government regulation limits the uses of private property to such a degree that the regulation effectively deprives the property owner of all economically reasonable use or value of property, even though the regulation does not formally divest the owner of title or possession.

OCA Offers Two Advocates For One

As members of OCA, our lawyers have access to the collective legal minds, experiences and know how of every other OCA lawyer. As a result, when you retain an OCA lawyer, not only are you getting a leader in the field of eminent domain and takings law, but someone who has the support and resources that only OCA membership can provide.

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