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Property Owners Across the Country

Lawyers affiliated with Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) represent property owners across the country who are facing the exercise of eminent domain and other government actions or regulations affecting their private property rights. OCA lawyers represent clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations, and have been carefully selected for OCA membership based on their skill and experience protecting the interests of property owners nationwide. Learn more about OCA and What We Do.

Whether you own a single-family home, farm, commercial property, special use property or vacant land, there is an OCA lawyer in your area who can help you protect your rights. OCA lawyers assist tenants, lien holders and mortgagors as well. The attorneys affiliated with OCA defend the private ownership interests in all types of real property, including:

Commercial and Retail Property Owners

Commercial and retail property owners often have substantial investments in their properties – not only in terms of cost, but in terms of location, reputation and goodwill as well. When the government seeks to take all or a portion of a commercial or retail property, the property owners and the businesses operating there can encounter significant consequences. OCA’s attorneys can help owners of commercial property navigate the complex issues that can arise in eminent domain actions while maximizing just compensation and minimizing losses.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers, ranchers and owners of agricultural businesses threatened by eminent domain may confront unique issues as well. These property owners may face eminent domain actions seeking to condemn their land for highways, pipelines, utilities, schools, parks and other public projects. As an owner of agricultural property, it is essential that your specific concerns are addressed. OCA’s lawyers are experienced in representing agricultural land and business owners and have the knowledge to help you protect your rights.

Industrial Property Owners

Owners of industrial properties can also face substantial damages when the government condemns their property. As an industrial property owner, you are entitled to just compensation – a financial payment for the acquisition of your property. In some cases, just compensation may also include damages to any remaining property, damages to or the loss of structures and equipment, as well as relocation benefits. And, if the government attempts to exercise its eminent domain power improperly, OCA’s lawyers can fight to help you protect your land, buildings and fixtures.

Residential Property Owners

When you receive a letter from the government or a utility company stating that your home is in the way of an important public project, what do you do? The government may or may not have the right to condemn your property, and even if it does, you have rights that you need to protect. OCA’s lawyers regularly represent residential property owners in eminent domain proceedings and other property rights matters throughout the country.

Owners of Special Purpose Properties

Owners of special purpose properties such as religious buildings, private schools, hospitals and campgrounds often face unique issues when the government or a private entity attempts to condemn their property through eminent domain. These properties can be difficult to market, which can make them difficult to value for purposes of seeking just compensation. Lawyers with OCA have specific experience representing clients in eminent domain, inverse condemnation and other property rights matters involving special purpose properties.

Matters We Typically Do Not Handle

OCA’s primary focus is on eminent domain, inverse condemnation and regulatory taking matters and issues. For a detailed listing and explanation of the matters we typically do not handle, with recommendations of other resources that may be available to assist you in these matters, click here.

Owners’ Counsel of America | A Nationwide Network of Leading Eminent Domain Lawyers

OCA is a network of the leading eminent domain attorneys nationwide. We are the only organization comprised exclusively of property rights lawyers who are dedicated to defending the private property rights of owners against the government and other authorities that have been granted the power of eminent domain. When you retain an OCA lawyer you get two advocates for one. The lawyer and the resources that only OCA membership can bring. To learn more about OCA or for help locating the right attorney for your case, contact us online or call us toll-free at (877) 367-6963.