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A National Network of Experienced Condemnation Lawyers– Protecting Your Private Property Rights

Owners’ Counsel of America is a network of experienced eminent domain attorneys dedicated to defending the rights of private property owners across the country. OCA condemnation lawyers represent landowners against local and state governments, transportation departments, utilities, energy companies, redevelopment authorities, the Federal government, and any other agency that may be armed with the power of eminent domain (also known as “condemnation”). Learn more about What We Do.



When You Retain an OCA Lawyer, You Get a Leader in the Field of Eminent Domain Law and the Support and Resources That Only OCA Membership Can Provide

Owners’ Counsel of America is the only organization comprised of skilled attorneys with significant experience and dedication to representing private landowners. The Owners’ Counsel of America network offers landowners a single source for locating an experienced condemnation attorney to assist with every stage of the eminent domain process – from pre-condemnation planning through litigation and appeal.

Our mission has been to bring together leading condemnation lawyers across the country who have demonstrated a commitment to defending the rights of private landowners. Since our founding over 20 years ago, Owners’ Counsel of America has sought to use its members’ combined knowledge and experience as a resource in the defense of private property ownership, and to make that opportunity available to property owners nationwide.

As members of OCA, our lawyers have access to the collective legal minds, experiences and know how of every other OCA lawyer. As a result, when you retain an OCA lawyer, not only are you getting a leader in the field of eminent domain and takings law, but someone who has the support and resources that only OCA membership can provide. We call it “Getting Two Advocates For One.”

Leading Eminent Domain Attorneys Committed to Private Property Rights

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Owners’ Counsel lawyers are committed to advance, preserve and defend the rights of private property owners, large and small, locally and nationally. OCA attorneys are the lawyers involved in landmark eminent domain and property rights cases in your state and across the country.

Our condemnation lawyers are the leading attorneys, authors, bloggers, lecturers, and speakers on eminent domain and property rights issues. OCA attorneys have focused their practice on eminent domain, inverse condemnation, regulatory takings and property rights law and have demonstrated a passion for preserving private property rights.

OCA attorneys have been carefully selected for membership based upon their ability, experience, results and dedication to representing private property owners in eminent domain. Membership is by invitation-only and restricted to one attorney from each state across the country. More information about how our attorneys are selected and on becoming an OCA Member is available on our Membership page.

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Experienced Condemnation Attorneys Focused on Landowners’ Rights

The eminent domain attorneys affiliated with Owners’ Counsel of America have significant experience defending the rights of private landowners in eminent domain, inverse condemnation, regulatory takings claims, property rights litigation and complex real estate valuation matters. OCA members are condemnation lawyers who represent landowners of every kind of private property: homes, farms, commercial buildings, factories, shopping centers, parking lots, undeveloped land, industrial real estate, and subdivision common ground, among many other land uses.

The property rights attorneys within OCA’s nationwide network are equipped to deal with any kind of property seizure or eminent domain taking that affects every type of real estate holding. OCA attorneys are experienced in maximizing just compensation and minimizing the impacts of condemnation on your property.

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Advocates for Private Property Owners Across the Country

OCA’s network of attorneys not only represent landowners in courts throughout the country, but also advocate for the rights of private property owners. From lecturing on property rights and being active in their local communities to filing amicus briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court, OCA’s eminent domain lawyers are committed to advancing the rights of private property owners nationwide.

If you are concerned about protecting your property rights, contact Owners’ Counsel of America for assistance in locating an eminent domain lawyer in your state.