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May 20th, 2009 — In News & Events

Sewer lines, cow farms and fair negotiations

A story in the community news section of the Mooresville Tribune caught our attention today due to it’s snappy title “Sewer line and cows don’t mix, so town and farmer reach agreement.” Of course, at first one might be interested in reviewing the article simply because it is about sewer lines and cows, but it was the second part of the title that caused us to stop and read. It is not often that one hears about a well-negotiated agreement between government and property owner. Therefore, it is our opinion that this story is worth repeating.

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May 8th, 2009 — In News & Events

101-year old property owner wins eminent domain court battle against village

On Tuesday (May 5, 2009) a Cook County, Illinois jury awarded Ema Mae “Babe” Ahern $25 million for the taking of her 95-acre golf course and country club property in the Village of Evergreen Park on Chicago’s South Side. News stories about the jury trial and the property owner, Babe Ahern, reported that Ms. Ahern has lived on the property since her birth 101 years ago and that she continues to actively run the golf course and club, her family’s business.

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