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November 30th, 2010 — In News & Events

Can TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline take private property by eminent domain?

Utility providers such as natural gas, electric, telecommunications and water/sewer companies generally may be granted the power of eminent domain by the local, state or federal government for the purpose of constructing utility infrastructure that is considered a public purpose or having public benefit. The power of eminent domain may be bestowed upon such utility companies, whether considered private or public, by statute and often must be approved by government regulatory agencies, such as FERC in the case of pipelines and transmission projects.

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November 18th, 2010 — In News & Events

Arkansas jury awards property owners largest-ever condemnation verdict

In late August of this year, a jury in Benton County, Arkansas awarded $4.67 million to property owners as just compensation for the taking of their private property. The property totaling 19.26 acres was owned by Thomas and Judith Terrell and was taken by eminent domain in order to construct the Bella Vista Toll Facility, also known as the Bella Vista Bypass.

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