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May 26th, 2023 — In OCA Blog

2022 SCOTUS Term Delivers Blockbuster Decisions on Property Rights

Join OCA Member and Pacific Legal Foundation lawyer Robert Thomas on August 9th as he moderates a podcast on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2022 term and the three major property cases decided in favor of property ownership: Tyler v. Hennepin County (government’s keeping the excess value when seizing and selling a home to satisfy a property tax debt is a taking), Wilkins v. United States (is the federal Quiet Title Act’s statute of limitations a jurisdictional bar?), and Sackett v. EPA (the scope of Clean Water Act wetlands jurisdiction). Over this one hour webcast, Robert and his panelists(law professor Emilio Longoria and Sophia Holley of the firm of Keating Muething & Klekamp)will help you gain a better understanding of these opinions, the current state of takings and property law, and what these decisions mean for practicing attorneys. For more information about the webcast, click here.

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