Benefits of Working with an Experienced Eminent Domain Lawyer

When the government uses its power of eminent domain to acquire your private property, we believe that it is in your best interest to waste no time locating an experienced eminent domain attorney. The condemnation process can be complicated and intimidating. Learning that a government agency or other condemning authority wants to acquire your property can also be emotionally challenging and stressful.

If you believe that your property is going to be acquired using the power of eminent domain, take action quickly to defend your property and your rights.

A Knowledgeable Eminent Domain Attorney Can Help You

Understand Your Rights

It can be overwhelming to learn that your property is needed for a public project and that the government has the power to force you to sell it. One of government’s greatest powers is its ability to “take” private property, sometimes against the owner’s wishes, under eminent domain law. The use of eminent domain to condemn (or “expropriate”) property and the process of “taking” property for a public purpose is limited by the Constitution. A skilled and knowledgeable eminent domain attorney can ensure that abuse does not take place and that your interests are protected.

Navigate a Complex Process

Condemnation law is specialized and the process is complex. Eminent domain laws and procedures are complicated and vary from state to state. A qualified eminent domain attorney can guide you through the process, advise you of your rights and protect your interests.

OCA attorneys are experienced condemnation lawyers who focus on representing property owners against the Federal, state and local governments, utilities, redevelopment authorities, transportation departments and any other authorities that may be armed with eminent domain power. Our attorneys can guide you through this complex process and ensure your rights are fully protected.

Receive Just Compensation

In eminent domain the property owner is entitled to “just compensation” for the taking of his private property. This compensation is intended to make the property owner whole financially for the loss of all or portions of the property. When a portion of the property is taken, the owner may be entitled to receive compensation for the value of the property taken as well as for any damages, or loss of value, to the remaining property.

A skilled condemnation lawyer can assist you in determining the value of your private property and the amount of just compensation due to you.

There are a number of considerations in valuing property taken by eminent domain and determining the amount of just compensation owed to the owner. Owners’ Counsel attorneys know how to apply condemnation law to a property owner’s advantage and can help maximize the amount of just compensation.

Why Should I Hire A Skilled Condemnation Attorney?

For many Americans, our home, property or business is our largest asset. Your plans and dreams for your property may include building a home, raising a family, earning investment income, securing your retirement or growing your business. When the government acquires your land for a public project, why should you accept anything less than just compensation? Many government offers to purchase property or to negotiate before filing a condemnation suit are less than fair market value and often do not consider any damages to the value of any remaining property or to the highest and best use of the property.

Even if the government’s offer to purchase seems fair to you, you may not know until you receive counsel from a knowledgeable eminent domain lawyer. With experienced condemnation counsel on your side, you can be certain that all of the intricate issues have been considered to determine the maximum amount of just compensation you should receive for the taking of your property.

The government has experienced eminent domain attorneys working on its team. Don’t you want a knowledgeable condemnation lawyer on your team?