Media Inquiries

Owners’ Counsel of America attorneys are frequently featured in print, television, radio, and online media outlets. Our attorneys are available for interviews or commentary on eminent domain and condemnation law, government acquisition of private property for public projects and private property rights.

Members of the media are invited to contact OCA’s Executive Director via email at or telephone (877) 367-6963.

Presentation and Publication Inquiries

OCA lawyers regularly speak, teach and write on issues relating to private property rights and eminent domain or takings law. Additionally, many of our attorneys author blogs and scholarly articles on this area of the law. We would be honored to speak to your citizen, business, trade or student organization. Please contact our office at (877) 367-6963 to coordinate.

Amicus Participation Requests

OCA attorneys have been and continue to be involved in significant property rights cases in nearly every state and jurisdiction nationwide. Our lawyers have represented property owners and amici (“friends of the court”) in many of the property takings and property rights cases that have been considered by the United States Supreme Court over the past forty years. OCA has appeared as an amicus party in a number of important property rights matters that have been considered by the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous state supreme courts. (Visit Landmark Property Rights Cases for more information.)

If you believe that OCA’s voice can aid in the resolution of a case, contact our office at (877) 367-6963 to discuss the issues presented and deadlines for amicus briefs.

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