Pre-Condemnation Planning

It is important for a property owner to consult with an experienced condemnation attorney as soon as you are informed that the government plans to acquire your property. In eminent domain, also known as condemnation, the government is your adversary seeking to acquire your property which may potentially harm your business, development potential, investment or home. Owners’ Counsel attorneys have the requisite experience to analyze your situation and advise a course of action to protect your property rights.

When the government makes initial contact with a property owner, there may be several critical issues to be addressed. For example, what should the property owner’s response be when the government requests to perform environmental testing? How should the owner respond when his opinion of value is asked before any offer has been made? What should the owner reveal about his business or property replacement needs at the initial meeting with the government representative? What should the owner’s response be when the government wishes to send an appraiser or surveyor to the property to inspect the premises and obtain documents? The answer to each of these questions may impact the outcome of any negotiations or eminent domain litigation that follows.

Navigate the Process with Experienced Counsel on Your Side

As the property owner or business owner, your initial decisions can improve or weaken your outcome. Eminent domain policies, procedures and legal precedent are complex, requiring the skills of an experienced eminent domain attorney. From pre-condemnation planning, to challenging the right to take, to determining just compensation, these are the everyday issues handled by Owners’ Counsel attorneys. OCA lawyers practice is nearly every state across the country. They have a unique understanding of and experience with the laws, procedures and issues specific to your state.

The government has knowledgeable condemnation attorneys on its side, who will you have on your side?