Private Redevelopment and Blight

Eminent Domain, also known as condemnation, originally was used only for public projects such as roads and schools. Today, that is no longer true. Cities routinely condemn on behalf of developers or give developers condemnation powers and tax incentives in designated “blighted” areas. These projects often target neighborhoods include retail centers or commercial buildings.

In essence, private property is being condemned to be transferred to a private developer. This controversial practice has generated considerable litigation and publicity in recent years. Issues arising from this practice include the legality of the “blight” designation, challenges to the alleged public purpose and the amount of compensation.

When faced with a private developer who has joined forces with a municipality to condemn properties, property owners and businesses must take steps to protect their interests. Property owners should consult with an eminent domain lawyer at the earliest opportunity when learning of a potential redevelopment that will affect their property. Owners’ Counsel of America eminent domain attorneys are experienced and qualified to defend a property owner’s rights.

Nationwide Network of Property Rights Attorneys

If your property has been designated as blighted or within a redevelopment zone, you should consult an attorney who understands the complexities of eminent domain and redevelopment laws and who has a successful record of challenging blight designations and defending private property rights. OCA lawyers represent private landowners and business owners across the country who are facing the condemnation of their property. OCA attorneys have litigated countless cases involving eminent domain, redevelopment, inverse condemnation, regulatory takings and property rights issues. Our eminent domain attorneys are experienced with and prepared to handle any type of hearing or trial at every level in both state and federal courts.

The redevelopment of private property using eminent domain can be a complex and challenging process, shouldn’t you have experienced and knowledgeable condemnation attorneys defending your property rights?