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Owners' Counsel of America - Eminent Domain Lawyers Representing Landowners Nationwide

Safeguarding Property Owners Against Eminent Domain

People are often surprised to discover that their private property can be taken by the government. Most people become aware of the government's power of eminent domain (also known as "condemnation") when they discover that their property is needed for a public project, such as road improvements, a new school or utility upgrades.

To safeguard private property against the power of eminent domain, the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that private property may only be taken for a public use provided "just compensation" is paid to the owner.

Experienced Eminent Domain Attorneys Representing Property Owners

One of government's greatest powers is its ability to "take" private property without the consent of the property owner using its power of eminent domain.  The use of eminent domain to condemn private property and the actual process of "taking" property for public use is limited by the Constitution and can be kept in check by skilled attorneys familiar with the laws and procedures of eminent domain and how to narrow the scope of this power.

The eminent domain attorneys affiliated with the Owners' Counsel of America are experienced condemnation lawyers in private practice who represent property owners against the Federal, state and local governments, utilities, redevelopment authorities, trasportation departments and any other entities that may be armed with eminent domain power.

A Network of Condemnation Lawyers Across the United States

Eminent domain attorneys affiliated with the Owners' Counsel of America practice in nearly every state across the country and are experienced with all types of takings issues and property valuation litigation that may occur in your jurisdiction.  Our lawyers represent landowners of every kind of private property: commercial buildings, farms, homes, factories, retail centers, vacant land, parking lots and subdivision common ground, to name just a few. They are equipped to deal with any kind of property seizure or appropriation that affects every type of real estate holding.

Eminent domain policies and procedures vary from state to state, locate an experienced eminent domain attorney for specific information concerning protecting your rights as a property owner.

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