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Baltimore Family Wins Decades Long Fight to Preserve Their Home From Redevelopment Plans

Unknown 1Aided by many people, including OCA’s Maryland member Joe Suntum, the Eaddy family finally prevailed in their 18 year battle with the city of Baltimore and New York-based La Cité Development to preserve their home from being taken by eminent domain. “Losing my home is like a death to me,” states the message painted some time ago on the side of the Eaddy house, a place they had lived in since 1992.

Characterizing the threat of eminent domain as “violent,” Sonia Eaddy described the slow and agonizing deterioration of her historically black neighborhood of Poppleton in West Baltimore over the many years that the city and developer planned to “revitalize” the area, with very little progress being made. Under the cloud of eminent domain, like so many other neighborhoods, Poppleton experienced chronic displacement and demolition, except for two sleek buildings dubbed Center/West.

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