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Can I Afford to Hire an Eminent Domain Attorney?

You have received a notice from the government informing you that your property is needed for a public project.  The notice suggests that the government will use its power of eminent domain to take your property, if you can not reach an agreement on the price that the government should pay you for your land.  The idea of challenging the government to defend your property, protect your rights and make sure that you are compensated fairly can be overwhelming and may even seem out of reach.  You might wonder if you can afford to hire an experienced condemnation attorney to guide you through the eminent domain process and defend your property rights.  

Owners’ Counsel of America attorneys offer a free initial consultation to property owners who are facing condemnation or are concerned that their property has been negatively affected or damaged by a government action.  OCA lawyers will speak with an owner to gather the facts surrounding the proposed taking and learn about the land and any improvements or businesses on the property.  Our attorneys will explain the condemnation process and inform you of your rights under the law.  While no fees will be charged for this initial consultation, an OCA lawyer will evaluate your case and answer your questions.

OCA attorneys are dedicated to the defense of private property rights and to maximizing just compensation while minimizing the impact of the taking.  Our lawyers are prepared to challenge the government to defend your property and protect your rights.

Each state has specific eminent domain legislation and procedures which can influence how attorney’s fees and litigation costs are charged (per hour, contingency fee, flat fee) and which party (condemnor/government or condemnee/landowner) is responsible for paying those fees and costs.  An OCA attorney can explain how attorney’s fees and costs are calculated and will explain any provisions under the law that provide for reimbursement for either fees and/or costs to a landowner who defends his or her property in an eminent domain proceeding.

If your property has been affected by a public project or is threatened with condemnation, contact an OCA lawyer in your state for a free case evaluation and explanation of the eminent domain process, including how attorney’s fees and costs are determined.  Don’t allow the belief that lawyers are too expensive or the fear that you can’t afford a skilled attorney prevent you from defending your property rights and fighting for just compensation.

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