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Desperate Landowners in Pennsylvania

CLEARVILLE, PA — The Altoona Mirror, posted an article August 1 detailing a plight of local landowners against a gas storage company from Texas, Spectra Energy. In a written plea, the landowners appealed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to ask Spectra to hold off on taking their properties by eminent domain. The letter also requested FERC to provide the owners with any information that might be helpful to them in negotiating with Spectra. Spectra has already begun work on its proposed natural gas storage and pipeline project after receiving FERC approval last month.

Wendy McCardle’s article, “We’re just desperate,” detailing the plight of these Clearville property owners can be found here.

Additional commentary by OCA Michigan Member Alan Ackerman can be found on his National Eminent Domain Blog here.

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