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Institute for Justice press conference on eminent domain abuse in Texas

Press Conference on Eminent Domain Abuse in Texas
Tuesday, March 31 @ 12pm
South steps of the State Capitol
1100 Congress Avenue, Austin

Next Tuesday, IJ will hold a press conference on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol at which time IJ will release its mid-term report card on the state’s legislative proposals to reform eminent domain laws. Texas property owners from Freeport, El Paso, San Antonio and Houston who have been affected by eminent domain are expected to join the conference.

IJ urges Texas citizens to join them on the south steps of the capitol building to show your support for property rights and eminent domain reform in Texas or to contact your state representatives about this issue. You can find out your representatives by visiting and entering your address.

For more information about the press conference visit the Castle Watch Daily blog here. And be sure to check out IJ’s new study on eminent domain abuse in Texas: They Want to Erase Us Out: The Faces of Eminent Domain Abuse in Texas.

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