April 15th, 2009 — By — In News & Events

No reason to write about defamation suits over eminent domain abuses

Apparently, reason magazine was interested in running an article about developers attempts to curb free speech with respect to criticisms about eminent domain abuse. reason was considering discussing the recent defamation suits filed by a Dallas-based developer against a property owner, an author, a law professor, a publishing company and two newspapers for their comments and/or writings about an attempted taking by eminent domain of the property owner’s land for redevelopment into a luxury marina project. And, it seems that reason was also planning to mention the suit filed by Clarksville, TN, developers against the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition for an ad run by the CPRC criticizing a proposed redevelopment plan that would use eminent domain to acquire private property. But, it seems that reason decided not to run this article after all.

If you are interested in reading what reason did run, check out Jacob Sullum‘s article “SLAPP Silly” available in the April 2009 print edition of reason and online here.

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