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OCA’s Mission

OCA’s MissionWith this our first blog post, we would like to explain our goals as an organization and what we intend to discuss in this blog. Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) is an organization which has sought to bring together the most experienced eminent domain attorneys in the country as a resource to each other in the defense of private property ownership. OCA members stand at the forefront of property rights issues, defending our constitutional guarantee to own and enjoy real property.

Condemnation, also known as eminent domain, is defined as the government action of taking private property for public use. The incidence of condemnation is increasing throughout our country. OCA seeks to advance, preserve and defend the rights of property owners in each state of the nation. Private property owners, whether large or small, corporate or individual, have the right to experienced eminent domain counsel dedicated to the protection of property rights.

This blog is intended to discuss the current events of eminent domain nationwide, the issues surrounding the defense of private property rights and the legislative trends occurring in every state of this nation. We endeavor to highlight as many victories as defeats and as many reforms as abuses.

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