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The Keystone XL Pipeline Isn’t the Only Pipeline Concerning Property Owners

We have talked a lot recently about the ongoing debate and eminent domain issues involving TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL Pipeline across the western United States. But, this is by no means the only pipeline activity going on in the country. In fact, up and down the East Coast, property owners – many of whom are represented by our eminent domain lawyers – are battling to protect their land against a number of different pipeline projects.

OCA Lawyers Represent Property Owners in PA Mariner East Pipeline Project Litigation

Sunoco is hard at work on a pipeline project that will connect the Marcellus Shale of southwestern Pennsylvania to a processing plant outside of Philadelphia. In order to build its pipeline, Sunoco needs to obtain easements from some 2,500 property owners across the state. Eminent domain lawyers with Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) have been representing Pennsylvania residents in eminent domain proceedings to prevent Sunoco from acquiring easements across their land for the purpose of constructing the Mariner East Pipeline.

Sunoco has been seeking to compel property owners to quickly sign leases – in some cases within a week. This type of activity is dangerous for property owners, as big corporations often seek to take advantage of individuals without giving them time to speak with attorneys who can help them understand their rights. If your property is in the proposed path of Sunoco’s Mariner East pipeline, we encourage you to contact an OCA attorney in Pennsylvania right away.

OCA Lawyers Represent Property Owners Against Dominion Resources in NC and VA

Rapidly becoming one of the East Coast’s most controversial pipeline projects, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would connect natural gas resources in West Virginia to sites in Virginia and North Carolina. While the Dominion Resources project has the support of the governors in all three states and business lobbyists in North Carolina, property owners remain rightfully concerned about the impact to their property.

Eminent domain attorneys affiliated with OCA currently represent landowners in eminent domain proceedings against Dominion Resources, which seeks to obtain easements to construct the pipeline on their properties. Lawyers defending property owners in Augusta County, VA recently appeared in court to object to Dominion’s request to enter their private property to perform surveys.

Attorneys for property owners argued that landowners have a right to know when a pipeline representative is coming onto their land. Such notice is important because property owners may keep livestock or other animals, may be planting, harvesting or operating equipment and simply have a right to privacy on their property.

Is your property in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? Find an OCA attorney in your state.

OCA Lawyers Represent Property Owners Fighting the Sabal Trail Pipeline in GA and FL

Eminent domain lawyers with OCA are also in the process of helping property owners in Georgia and Florida protect their property rights in connection with the proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline. As with the other pipelines, Sabal Trail has been taking aggressive action to try to convince property owners to give up their legal rights. In some cases, they have gone so far as to attempt to perform surveys on private property without following the procedures required by the law of eminent domain.

Residents Fighting Planned Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Massachusetts

Finally, a fourth pipeline project is stirring debate and leading property owners to take legal against the federal government in Massachusetts. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has authorized the new Kinder Morgan pipeline and permitting is in progress, but property owners facing eminent domain are fighting back to protect their land.

Is Your Property in the Path of a Pipeline? Contact an Eminent Domain Lawyer at OCA

If you are facing condemnation in connection with a planned pipeline, OCA’s experienced eminent domain lawyers are here to help. Our attorneys represent property owners across the country and are dedicated to protecting landowners’ constitutional rights. To speak with an OCA attorney about your case, please contact us today.

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