April 26th, 2022 — By — In OCA Blog

When Local Code Enforcement Actions Lead to Property Takings

istockphoto 1181224377 170667aProperty owners from across the country have been reaching out to Owners’ Counsel of America in search of answers to the scourge of government code enforcement actions being leveled against them. These actions can sometimes lead to the seizure of private property. While this is not a situation that OCA or OCA members generally handle, in an effort to provide some useful guidance and assistance to property owners being subjected to this type of action, OCA has drafted an article containing basic information that can be accessed via its website under Landowner Resources. The article can also be read by clicking here. While every situation is different and largely dependent upon the ordinances and laws in the subject jurisdiction, there are steps and measures that property owners can take to help mitigate the impact of code enforcement claims, particularly those that may lead to the loss of property or valuable property rights. As in every situation involving your must valued physical asset, your property, consultation with an attorney knowledgeable about code enforcement actions in your jurisdiction is highly recommended.

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